Use AUN to Open the Surprise Door of Home Cinema and experience the Superior Visual-Audio Magic.

AUN provides the best projector price in Bangladesh.

Full HD Projector

Native 1080p Full HD projector for both home cinema experience and business use

HD Projector

Native 720p HD projector with realistic display and versatility enhance the immersive cinematic experience

Portable Projector

Compact and lightweight projectors featured with advanced DLP technology

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Ragib Hasan

This is my first projector and I’m more than satisfied. Considering the price this is the best anyone can expect. Packaging was very good and delivery was fast.”

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Superb and wonderful experience in such a small budget”

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Md. Abdullah Bin Mashud

The product is enough good according to the price, colour reproduction is very good, picture quality is better and everything works perfectly. Actualy the brightness of Akey 6S is little bit less than the M18 but Akey 6S Produce great colour combination in compear to M18 that was provided . For the sales service team I have to mention that they are so supportive and well communicative. Hope rest of time we will get the same cooperation, again plethora of thanks to AUN Bangladesh from Jahangirnagar University family.”

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Feroz Alam

Nice experience . It’s help to make my own cinema hall. One day Delivery . Tnx”

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best best best”

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Mahafizur Rahman

অনেক সুন্দর একটি প্রজেক্টর, m18 চাইতে অনেক বেস্ট কোয়ালিটি পিকচার, আমি এবং আমার ফ্যামিলির সবাই খুশি ,বাচ্চারা অনেক আনন্দ পেয়েছে এটি কেনার পর, পিকচার এত ক্লিয়ার মনে হয় যে এলইডি টিভি দেখছি”

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সাধ্যের মধ্যে সবটুকু সুখ।”

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Azad Ayeman

Good quality video and best feelings like a cinema”

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Jiban B.

I Recommend To Use It In Dark. You’ll Amazed How Beautifully It Works ? I’m Blown ? Thanks To The Seller ❤”

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AUN Projector price in Bangladesh

At AUN, our vision is to become the premier online projector seller in Bangladesh by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best projector and accessories at best price in bangladesh. An unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.

AUN Projector offers the best projector price in Bangladesh

AUN provides all your need to build your home theater, leads you to see the world through larger screen. and let you share the best moment with family and friends.