Find best projector at affordable price in Bangladesh

At AUN, our vision is to become the premier online projector seller by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best projector at best price in bangladesh. In addition, an unbeatable shopping experience with prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

Above all, AUN is the one stop solution which provides all your need to build your home theater. Therefore, AUN leads you to see the word through larger screen and let you share the best moment with family and friends.

Listed below are the best AUN projector you can get in Bangladesh.


HD Projector

AUN PH30 Projector

৳ 7,490৳ 7,990
EMIs from ৳ 624/month

Full HD Projector

AUN ET50 Projector

৳ 12,500৳ 14,500
EMIs from ৳ 1,042/month

Full HD Projector

AUN A13 Projector

৳ 8,950৳ 11,950
EMIs from ৳ 746/month
৳ 5,090৳ 6,990
EMIs from ৳ 424/month

Portable Projector

AUN UBeamer 1 Pro Projector

৳ 24,250
EMIs from ৳ 1,721/month

Full HD Projector

AUN Z5 Projector

৳ 8,400৳ 12,600
EMIs from ৳ 700/month
৳ 20,500৳ 23,500
EMIs from ৳ 1,708/month

Full HD Projector

AUN ET40 Projector

৳ 9,550৳ 12,700
EMIs from ৳ 796/month

Full HD Projector

AUN AKEY8 Projector

৳ 14,500৳ 17,500
EMIs from ৳ 1,209/month
This product has been discontinued.

Portable Projector

AUN UBeamer 1 Projector

This product has been discontinued.